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What’s New

April 10 2022

Every meeting on Venue now has a backup recording bot present, to make doubly sure that your meetings can be reliably shared after the fact.

April 6 2022

If you’re a Venue power user, you probably know about Actions. Your actions can now be dragged-and-dropped to reorder, making it even easier to produce a fantastic meeting.

March 30 2022 ★ Featured

V1 of Event Templates is now live! Admins can now set the brand colours in the dashboard, which will be used in every new event by default.

March 29 2022 ★ Featured
Any message from the backstage chat can now be sent as a shoutout to producers and speakers – and will be visible only to them. Great for audience-invisible prompts or cues!
March 29 2022

Our account creation process and creator dashboard are now more unified, leading to a much better experience across the board. (Bonus: single sign-on account creation!)

March 25 2022

Sometimes the stage would get smushed to the left of the screen. Weird! That won’t happen any more.

March 23 2022

When somebody is designated as a speaker or producer and configured their camera and mic ahead of time, sometimes those devices would be offline later, leading to a rescuable, but bad, experience. We now default to the devices that are actually available at go-time – and we send a toast to let the speaker/producer know what happened.

March 20 2022

When you add a speaker using the dashboard, they will now be added to the stage queue automatically (more closely matching what you might expect would happen 😅).

March 17 2022

You can now use the Command Palette to bring people to stage – just like in the Stage Queue!

March 11 2022

The Speaker Queue is now unified into a single list. It’s now much easier to bring the right folks up and down from the stage.