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October 14 2022 ★ Featured

If you’re the only person on stage, we’ll now default to a widescreen (16:9) video window rather than trying to constrain or magic-resize. More elbow room for you!

October 6 2022

Occasionally when someone joined the stage, or moved to a new space, Venue would reset their device(s) from the one they selected to the system default. Bad! Now that won’t happen any more. Good!

October 4 2022

Mobile user? Now you get video controls without needing to scroll your viewport (tap a video to reveal the controls).

October 3 2022 ★ Featured
Embed a live survey into your meeting (Collect feedback! Canvas your colleagues! Find out everyone’s favorite pizza toppings!) with Surveymonkey. A simple two-step process: just copy the embed code for your survey and paste it into Venue’s Shares panel.
September 26 2022
If you’re a fan of power user features, check this out: right-click on someone in the audience bar or live audience gallery – boom, you can immediately add them to the speaker queue (or shadow ban them, your choice).
September 26 2022

The event recorder no longer shows up in the audience bar or the attendee count (byeeee!) – your meeting will only count humans from now on (sorry, bots).

September 18 2022

If you were like “I sure wish I could view all of my Venue meetings in a grid instead of a list”, you’re about to have a great day.

September 15 2022 ★ Featured

Want to use a clicker/slide advancer with Venue? No sweat – you can now move between PDF pages and slides with PgUp and PgDown, which is friendly to most presentation hardware.

September 15 2022

Updating your meeting now sends a new email with the updated invite – making sure everybody has the correct and up-to-date info.

September 15 2022

The Audience Gallery can now be toggled on and off during an event – whether you want more focus on your speaker or just want to save on bandwidth.