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July 21 2022

Sometimes when you cloned a previous event, your custom background wouldn’t appear on the ticket/entry page. We fixed our cloning process to be more comprehensive โ€“ custom backgrounds for all!

July 20 2022
Music and sound effects used to be played through the same audio channel โ€“ meaning your sweet mood music might be cut short by a round of applause or sad trombone. We’ve separated this into two distinct tracks. Each track also has its own independent volume control.
July 19 2022

We’ve changed the way we render your uploaded PDFs โ€“ previously, we respected their native size, but this didn’t always lead to the best use of space. PDF slides now scale to fill the available space on the stage.

July 19 2022

Previously, if you shouted out a GIF, it might get truncated in the layout โ€“ no good when you share the most appropriate and hilarious GIF EVER in your big team event. GIFs are now treated with more respect in shoutouts.

July 11 2022 ★ Featured

We now collect qualitative feedback from the audience and speakers when your meeting moves to the Post Event state. We wanted to simplify sharing and receiving feedback and gauge sentiment for all of your Venue meetings!

July 5 2022 ★ Featured
Updates to our WebRTC state machine have been shipped!ย This helps us understand the situation of any user within an WebRTC channel, including things like connection status โ€“ which will be super useful for detailed post-meeting analysis about who was on stage, what they did there, and whether any problems cropped up.
July 4 2022

Content on the stage (e.g, video streams, screenshares etc.) had margin settings that were sometimes ignored by the algorithm that defines our stage layout. We want your meeting to look as delightful as possible, thus this is now fixed.

June 28 2022

Have you seen the “no network signal” icon being shown even when your network quality was perfectly fine? In some circumstances, the icon to be displayed regardless of the network quality. That won’t happen now!

June 23 2022

If you’re a Venue power user (hit CMD+k to bring up the command palette!), you can now do more! Bring speaker groups to the stage, remove everybody from the stage, move the audience to different spaces, run actions, AND set a new emoji cannon preset! Wow!

June 21 2022

Emoji autocompletion is now live! Just use Slack-styleย :heart_eyes: formatting to drop your emoji of choice into the chat ๐Ÿ˜