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November 15 2022 ★ Featured

Wow! What if we told you that troubleshooting AV issues during a live presentation is a thing of the past? Well get ready for us to tell you that, because Backstage is now live! It’s the place for producers and presenters to test their hardware, software, and get comfy with Venue before going on stage.

Checklists? We got’em. Video? Check. Audio? Check. Going on and off stage, checking out some screenshares? No problem. Check check check. Using Backstage, start the meeting and move everyone to the live show while behind the scenes, you can continue to coordinate a stellar and seamless run of show.

November 10 2022
If you’re a Microsoft Edge user, hello! Welcome! Come on in. Edge-ians used to get a warning that their browser might not work quite as expected, but we now have confidence that actually it’ll be great. Enjoy your All Hands!
November 8 2022 ★ Featured
If you’re a speaker, you’ll notice that you now have the ability to join and leave the stage by yourself at any time. Uncertainty about whether you’re ‘live’: banished!
November 2 2022
If you visit our website (you’re on it right now!) you’ll notice a handy chat widget’s been added. Got questions about how to make your All Hands pop? Get at us.
October 23 2022
Let’s keep things seasonal this Halloween! We added the following to your assets library:
  • Two new spoooooky backgrounds
  • The Monster Mash
  • Ghostly emojis
  • An action to trigger all of this at once
October 21 2022
We fixed a bug that allowed producers to go on stage before completing system checks. Sorry producers, we know you want to be in the spotlight but we want you looking and sounding your best.
October 19 2022
The attendee counter now consistently and accurately counts attendees who left and re-joined in the middle of a meeting. This discrepancy has also been squared away in your meeting reporting.
October 19 2022

It was previously possible to move everyone back to the Pre-Event space after your meeting had already started – this won’t happen any more.

October 18 2022

All new meetings on Venue will nowΒ get assigned a random background on creation. Gotta keep your all-hands looking fresh and cool!

October 14 2022

Sometimes folks had issues with the firewall check, and sometimes the issue was that the firewall test didn’t have a super-obvious ‘start’ button πŸ˜…. We now just run it automatically.