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What’s New

June 21 2022

Emoji autocompletion is now live! Just use Slack-style :heart_eyes: formatting to drop your emoji of choice into the chat 😍

June 21 2022

If you want to ask questions (using the Questions panel) in your Pre-meeting state, you can now do this!

June 17 2022 ★ Featured

Do you love how some tools (like Slack) automatically biggify your emoji in the chat? Us too! So now Venue’s chat works like that. Enjoy your new novelty-sized emojis, everyone!

June 10 2022 ★ Featured
If you use Google Forms in your meeting, today’s your lucky day! We shipped a bunch of improvements to how we handle your forms, including:
  • Very long forms can be used, that window is scrollable baby!
  • Improved our embedding methodology (no more console errors 😬)
  • New direct link to the form, in case folks in your meeting are logged out or using the wrong Google account
June 9 2022

For speakers and producers, the Backstage Chat is now accessible even in the ‘post meeting’ state (and got a spiffy new placeholder, too!)

June 8 2022
We improved how duplicating a meeting works! Now, when you duplicate one of your existing meetings:
  • You can change details before actually duplicating (like date, title, and timezone)
  • Better automatic URLs are generated
  • The flyout for your newly duplicated meeting opens automatically
June 2 2022

Under certain circumstances we wouldn’t show a notification if your browser didn’t have screensharing permissions. This now reliably shows when needed.

May 31 2022

You can now assign registration allow-lists across your entire organization, and any new event created will use those restrictions. We also show the domains included in the allow-list, so you know who can register and who can’t.

May 31 2022

Want to set a counter that only speakers can see? No problem, just set your timer to speakers only and start the countdown!

May 30 2022

If you cloned an event, we’d re-use the same count of speakers and attendees. This is an okay assumption, but could lead to some incorrect reporting. We now recalculate these numbers from scratch each time.