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What’s New

May 19 2022

We continue to consolidate and improve our in-meeting notifications to make them more informative, scannable, and clickier™.

May 12 2022 ★ Featured

You know all those checks before you could join a meeting on Venue? Like the firewall and internet connection checks? A thing of the past! All of that now happens silently in the background, and we’ll only let you know if something’s gone awry.

May 11 2022

This isn’t a client-facing feature, but we just wanted you to know that our build process is getting really robust. More automated testing! More logs! This helps us ship smarter.

April 28 2022

If you run into a browser permissions problem when you want to screenshare, we can now detect this and show you how to fix it with a helpful modal.

April 25 2022

We can’t always detect your camera or mic automatically (there are a lot of edge cases!). When this happens, we now give you a better notification, and the ability to re-run system checks.

April 19 2022 ★ Featured

We added Default Assets to your meetings – so you can stop uploading the same stuff all the time. There are currently three types of assets: Content (PDFs and the like), Music, and Backgrounds.

April 18 2022

If you’re a video wizard running virtual cameras or composition apps (like OBS, or similar), those would be chosen as the default instead of the actual physical camera in your computer (not a great default if OBS isn’t running!). This is now fixed!

April 14 2022

Occasionally attendee avatars would show ?? instead of their initials, which is obviously not so great! We improved how we handle avatars in general, so this won’t happen anymore.

April 14 2022 ★ Featured

Wow! We shipped v1 of Audience Gallery, a new addition to your meetings that brings the real live video of your attendees into your space! Try it out at your next All Hands!

April 14 2022

Safari user? Good news! Screen-sharing is now more reliable in your browser of choice.