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October 6 2021

Want to download your reports in the Creator Dashboard? You can find the “Analytics” icon on the left-side menu of Creator Dashboard. Click “Download” and you’ll save the .xls file to your computer. From there, you can open it in your favourite spreadsheet application to explore the data.

Here are some of the key fields we capture in the report for each team member:

  • Time in event (incl. enter time and exit time)
  • Chat engagement
  • Questions asked
  • Emoji reactions
  • Number of 1-on-1 video connections
  • Time spent in 1-on-1 video connections

Using this information, you can create a few views:

  • “No-show” lists
  • Chattiest team members
  • Most curious team members
  • Top upvoted questions
  • Top emoji reactions
  • Sentiment analysis by emoji
  • …Or combine different metrics into your own engagement score