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Pricing Page – FAQ v2

  • What’s an attendee hour anyway?
    If 100 people join a 1 hour meeting, that’s 100 attendee hours. We charge to the closest attendee minute, so you only pay for the actual attendance at your meetings.
  • Can I use these hours for external meetings too?
    You bet! These packages include hours that can be used as you see fit – for internal All Hands, external webinars, recruiting info sessions, virtual events, product launches, and more. It’s a flexible platform and package that will suit your needs.
  • How does your full refund work?
    Easily! Subscribe to Venue, and you’ll have a full month and up to 500 attendee hours to try us out. We’ll help you get set up for success with custom onboarding, training, and even production support (if you want it!) for your first event. And if you’re not happy, no worries. We’ll refund your money and part ways as friends.
  • I want a demo before I subscribe.
    Of course! Sign up and you’ll have an opportunity to access a personalized onboarding and training experience. You can also check out our Youtube channel and Getting Started video for more insights on what’s included in Venue.