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Why choose Venue?

Traditional video conferencing platforms are built for small meetings, not big moments. Venue gives you all the tools you need to celebrate your culture at anyΒ scale.

FocusVenue is designed for building community and inclusion with a trusted audience that you bring into the experience – building for culture, not meetings.Hopin is optimized for external events, like conferences and trade showsNot optimized for any particular use case
Production ToolsVenue integrates the best features of a video studio inside a real-time scalable experience – connecting the dots between content production and audience engagement. Venue gives you the tools for tight programming is that feels crafted just for you. Event creators can pre-create their run of show, or freestyle live on stage.Hopin's technology introduces a lag between the video broadcast and the video consumption. Presenters and audiences get different experiences, limiting the authenticity that can happen at an eventNo capabilities to produce an experience – what you see is what you get
ExperienceEvents on Venue are produced by the event creators, creating a high-touch, personalized experience for every attendee.Attendees navigate themselves through an experience, like attending a trade showEveryone gets the same unproduced experience
Audience expectationsVenue is a unique and modern Twitch-like experience, integrating immersive design elements, multimedia support, integrations to foster collaboration, and much more. It's what today's tech employees expect. Hopin is a platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences – not a focus on culture and engagementThe standard video call
FormatsRun your All Hands, Town Halls, Fireside Chats, AMAs, Talk shows, Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiatives, Product Demos, and more!A familiar conference or expo experienceShort, task-focused meetings
Engagement featuresTry the emoji cannon, confetti, built-in content and music library! Shoutout content to the stage, offer a purchases and downloads, and let attendees create their own custom social profile - selfie included!Attendees can customize their in-event profileβ€”
Custom layoutsMake your speakers and and your content the hero – you have full control over layouts, focus, and more.Pre-compose non-live video to customize the experienceβ€”
Bring all of the apps you already use into Venue – then interact live on stage.
Screenshare only
AgendaEvent creators on Venue build a curated and guided agenda for their attendeesAttendees can make a personal agendaβ€”
Closed captioning
Event recording
Built-in MediaUpload your decks, videos, images, music and more directly to Venue is ready to turn your event into an experience.β€”β€”
Live Q&A
Coming soon: in-app polls – or use your favorite integration to connect with your attendees.
Set up breakout rooms before your event starts, or on the fly during the event itself.
PricingStarting at $4/member/month. See more on our pricing page!Starting at $99/monthZoom's plans start at $200/year