Turn long videos into ready-to-post clips

Cocreator turns videos, webinars, podcasts, and long form content into Reels, Shorts, and Tiktoks automatically with AI — no editing or editors required.

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How Cocreator works

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Share content with a one line prompt

Send us a link and give Cocreator instructions with a one-line prompt.
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Cocreator generates your clips with AI

Using your prompt, Cocreator automatically finds the best parts to create clips with.
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Add your finishing touches

Finish off by asking Cocreator to includes intros, outros, captions, and music to your clips.

Features to generate
eye-catching content — fast

End to end content creation without an editor or animator. Share content, give direction, and let Cocreator take care of the rest.

Themes, layouts, and backgrounds

Add customizable themes, layouts, and backgrounds that fit your brand.

Remove filler words and dead space

Automatically removes ums, ahs, and millennial pauses.

Intros and outros

Add animated text intros or outros with CTAs to every clip.

Automatic captions

Toggle on captions that animate with the speaker onto any clip.

Faster playback

On social, every second matters. Fit in more content with 1.25x or 1.5x speed.

Background music

Drop in royalty-free music from artlist.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Venue Cocreator?

Venue Cocreator is an AI creator that helps you generate ready-to-post short form content without needing an editor or animator. All you need is content > 5 mins (webinars, podcasts, fireside chats and more) and Cocreator will generate clips ready to be posted across any channel.

Is it free to use Cocreator?

Your first submission with Cocreator is free and you can generate up to 3 clips. If you'd like more clips after your free trial, we have an early access plan that allows you to generate up to 5 clips a month so you can post at least once a week.

Who is Cocreator for?

Cocreator is for people looking to grow their social channels — creators, podcasters, marketers, agencies and people who manage or grow social channels.

What type of content works best with Cocreator?

Any video or audio content over 5 minutes with at least one person speaking. Cocreator works best with webinars, podcasts, and fireside chats to pull highlights from long content.

Can I get a demo of Cocreator?

We're focused on improving the AI model so Cocreator doesn't have an app yet, but you can see examples of what Cocreator has generated by joining our Slack community.

Why is Cocreator in beta? Is it secure?

Venue is SOC2 compliant and keeps your sensitive data private and secure. During beta, we’re training our AI model with real humans in the loop to edit the output of the video. This is the reason why it takes 24 - 48 hours to generate clips for your content.

Can I use Cocreator to create clips for internal demos, meetings, or events?

Absolutely. Cocreator works best for generating postable content, but can also turn long meetings, demos, and events into clips to be shared internally with your team.

Will my content be shared with other users?

No. The content you share with us to generate clips will be automatically removed from the AI model in 30 days and will not be shared with any other users. You can also request generated clips to be deleted and removed by emailing cocreator@venue.live.

What data does Cocreator collect?

Cocreator requires your shared video or audio content and prompts to work. It collects data to generate clips, some of which is then retained for product improvements. Once the clip is generated and shared with the requestor, any shared content is deleted within 30 days.

How is the data used or shared?

Cocreator uses your shared content and prompts to generate clips and enable future product improvements. Your original content is not shared with anyone. In certain cases, your clips may be shared in a showcase or be used as an example of what Cocreator can generate. If you would like to opt out of sharing clips, email cocreator@venue.live to remove your clips at any time.

How can we control use of our own data?

For any specific requests to remove shared content, generated clips, or submissions to Cocreator, email cocreator@venue.live to get your data immediately deleted or removed.