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We’ve raised $4M in funding to power internal meetings that engage and inspire remote-first teams

We’re transforming remote meetings into fun and engaging experiences.

Whether it’s called a Town Hall, All Hands, or something else, companies rely on meetings that bring the company together to power their success. Team alignment, culture building, fostering community, and sparking inspiration hinge on these meetings.

It’s a tall order, and the move to distributed work that accompanied the pandemic meant most companies needed help. No longer could employees jump up on stage, sit next to a coworker they haven’t seen in awhile, cheer for one another’s successes, or share authentic reactions to presentations.

Remote work forced companies to adapt the tools they had on hand for day-to-day meetings, like Zoom or Hangouts. The experience has been rigid and unengaging, at no fault of the presenters or tools that weren’t designed for this purpose. With a standard black background, and a bunch of tiny squares it’s no surprise when employees scroll Instagram or reply to an email during a meeting.

This matters because big meetings can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars when you add up the amount of time people are taking out of their day. Not only that, but if people aren’t aligned, connected, and engaged, retention rates, productivity, and quality of work declines.

Enter a brand new kind of meeting platform, Venue.

We are aimed at transforming remote meetings into fun and engaging experiences. We make it easy for teams to mimic the production and entertainment value of your favorite talk show so people are excited, participating, and paying attention.

Some of the most innovative, culture-obsessed distributed companies like Shopify, Yelp, and PwC rely on us for sparking community and connection. Over 5M minutes of successful meetings have already taken place on our platform, with over 250K participants from top companies. Employees have “blasted” over 2M emoji reactions to presenters and forged over 30K one-on-one connections.

“Venue is like if Slack created Zoom. It brought the life back to our remote meetings in a way we couldn’t have imagined until we saw the platform in action. We love rating everything on a five star scale, and saw 350% increase in employees ranking the all-hands 5 stars once we started using Venue instead of Google Meet. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”
Sarah Ruiz , All-hands organizer

Our platform has incorporated many of the best parts of the tech people love– whether it’s Twitch, Discord, or Instagram. Our UI, emoji reactions, background music, shoutouts, livestream video bubbles, and chat tools are unlike anything you’ve seen in a business tool. It’s great for presenters too because they get access to creative tools for building exciting, memorable content in just a few minutes, and with little training.

Our new funding from Accel, Stewart Butterfield, and more

While we’re proud of our progress so far, the reality is, we’ve only scratched the surface of what we envision building to help distributed teams spark enthusiasm, belonging and inspiration. To help us double down launching bold, unique meeting experiences, we’ve raised $4M in seed funding led by Accel, with support from the CEOs of Slack (Stewart Butterfield), SquareSpace (Anthony Casalena), (Job van der Voort) and several others.

“Too often all hands and large meetings are inefficient and costly. Historically, it’s been hard to produce highly engaging meetings for large groups – the tools and technology hasn’t supported it. But Venue is now making top-tier production value simple and accessible.”
Sara Ittelson, Partner, Accel

In addition to product development, we’ll also be using the funds to scale up so we can serve more businesses that are desperate to bring people together but don’t quite know how.

This is only the beginning for us. If you’re excited about what we’re building and want to get in touch, reach out at [email protected].

Ready to make your meetings more fun and interactive? Get started today.

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