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We raised $4M to help teams scale communications

Every team is tired of endless meetings, infinite unreads on Slack, email, and documents. This is what Venue solves.

Internal communications are essential to the success of any company. It's how employees stay informed, aligned, and connected with each other and the organization's goals. With hybrid and distributed work, it's more critical than ever for fast growing teams to have effective communication channels. Companies need to adapt their tools and strategies to ensure that employees communicate effectively and efficiently as the team continues to grow.

Every team and employee is tired of endless meetings, infinite unreads on Slack, email, and documents - it's impossible to communicate effectively at scale - leading to a decline in productivity and work quality.

Enter a brand new kind of communications platform, Venue.

We offer a brand new kind of communications platform that enables internal comms and culture teams to host, organize, and share important team events like all hands, webinars, and AMAs - all in one place. With Venue, teams can create a highly engaging all hands, run it, and it'll be automatically shared, transcribed, and discoverable for every employee. It's team events and webinars, end to end.

Many innovative and fast growing companies like Shopify, Yelp, and Ada rely on Venue to communicate at scale. Our platform has facilitated over 5 million successful minutes with more than 250,000 employees from top companies. Venue platform incorporates many of the best parts of the tech people love, whether it's Twitch, Discord, or Instagram. It's an excellent solution for internal communications because it provides creative tools for building exciting, memorable content end to end in just a few minutes, with little training.

Our new funding from Accel, Stewart Butterfield, and more

To help us double down on launching bold and unique internal communication experiences, we've raised $4 million in seed funding led by Accel, with support from the CEOs of Slack (Stewart Butterfield), SquareSpace (Anthony Casalena), (Job van der Voort), and several others. We'll be using these funds to scale up and serve more businesses that are desperate to scale their internal communications with their growing teams.

“Too often all hands and large meetings are inefficient and costly. Historically, it’s been hard to produce highly engaging meetings for large groups – the tools and technology hasn’t supported it. But Venue is now making top-tier production value simple and accessible.” - Sara Ittelson, Partner, Accel

This is only the beginning. If you're excited about what we're building and want to level up your internal communications, schedule a demo with us.

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