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The Perfect Virtual Event for your Business

Our favorite types of engagement-building virtual events for remote-first organizations.

Work from home is the new norm, and companies everywhere are learning (and re-learning) how to engage with their employees with thoughtful virtual events. It is said that businesses that actively engage with their employees see 59% less turnover. Prioritizing engagement can help you retain valuable employees and build your company’s culture.

Virtual events are some of the best ways to foster connections, no matter where your employees live. Whether you’re focused on this quarter’s results, culture building, or employee engagement, there are different types of virtual events that will fit your needs as a remote or hybrid company.

Special virtual events don’t need to happen only every quarter, or twice a year. If you could figure out a way to fully engage with your remote team every week, why wouldn’t you? Instead of trying to recapture the in-office experience with mandatory virtual happy hours to build bonds between coworkers, rethink your company meetings with new ways to keep your employees engaged.

Here’s some of our favorite virtual event examples you can try today:

Town Halls

A town hall meeting is the best way to spotlight key topics, drive important conversations, and encourage thoughtful engagement between employees. Just like a city town hall meeting, your remote team can use this time to ensure their projects and tasks align with other departments.

The best part about town halls is that your remote team members learn that this is a time for them to get together, communicate, and build a relationship with their coworkers. Remind them that it’s okay to speak their mind, share ideas, and have profound discussions.


Create a culture of transparency and authenticity with monthly or biweekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything). It’s no secret that distance is created between your employees and leadership when you’re working remotely. It can be easy to get caught in the motions of the workweek without creating meaningful connections both up and down your org chart.

These types of virtual events are an integral component to ensuring your employees’ thoughts are heard and a comfortable venue to ask anything they want.

Talk Shows

Looking for something out of the box and interactive? Consider turning your all-hands meeting into a company talk show every once in a while. With this type of virtual event, you have the option to make the experience unique to your company’s culture, employees, or departments.

We recommend mixing live video with pre-recorded updates. Add fun music, animations, or trivia questions about your company history or employees. Have some fun, get the whole team involved, and get ready for a virtual event experience unlike any other you’ve had before.

Show and Tell

Everyone can benefit from learning something new. We encourage you to set up a virtual conference and invite a member of your team to teach everyone something.

It can be anything! Maybe it’s an in-depth breakdown of a recent update that will change your digital marketing efforts. Or, you can have a project manager take a deep dive into their workflow you use at work to streamline productivity.

No matter what it is, a show and tell can be educational, entertaining, and expose your coworkers and colleagues to new parts of the business.

Guest/Celebrity Speakers

Inviting a guest speaker to speak at your next meeting is a great way to spice up your employees’ workweeks. You can choose to raise their spirits with a motivational speaker or career coach, providing them with tips and tricks to manage stress. Invite an industry leader to speak on important topics related to your business, so that your employees will be equipped with some insider insights.

Live Streaming & Watch Parties

Get the team together for a live watch party! If you’re looking for something more fun and engaging than the business-focused ins and outs of running your business, tune into your team’s favorite podcast or talk show to add a bit of fun back into the schedule. Mix things up by watching a comedy special as a group.

Your team members will be able to chat and engage with each other in real-time – encourage your employees to socialize and connect about something that isn’t work-related.

Product Demos

Let’s say your Product Marketing Manager needs to put together a presentation for the whole team to learn the ins and outs of a new product. Trade in that boring PowerPoint presentation for a live product demo to spotlight your builders and give everyone a chance to learn about what’s coming next in the product roadmap.

Maybe, your team wants to pitch a new piece of (remote friendly!) software to make their jobs easier. Encourage them to show the team the product demo, work through the pros and cons as a team, and let everyone decide together if the product is a good fit.

Not only is this an innovative way to get everyone involved and work collaboratively, but your team is also a lot more likely to remember the specifics.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Virtual events that encourage diversity in the workplace have never been more essential. Set aside some time to bring in a subject matter expert, or host an open forum to allow your employees to engage on important topics.

Not only will this help them create a deeper connection with one another, but it will change the way they work together. If your employees feel heard and involved, you’re more likely to create a company culture where everyone feels included.

Ready to make your meetings more fun and interactive? Get started today.

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Transforming your boring, old-school all-hands meetings can be a challenge! Providing them with a memorable experience allows them to connect with their coworkers and your company in new ways.

The next time you’re scheduling a meeting for your team, consider what you can do to turn that meeting into something with more meaning. Use these examples – on a recurring basis – to ensure your remote team is more engaged, not just showing up to another block in their calendar. Add some excitement back into the workday and actively encourage your team to engage with one another.

By actively looking for new ways for your employees to connect with your company culture, and one another, you’re a step ahead – creating events that your coworkers don’t just attend, but ones they look forward to.

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