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Office Design for Remote Workers

Well-designed workspaces help everyone work more sustainably and productively.

Apart from self-discipline and a robust wifi connection, having a well thought-out and deliberately designed workspace is among the secrets to successfully working from home.

Lots of organizations have migrated their employees to remote work setups since the lockdown began. Most employees now work from home, and many believe that this flexible work style will become the norm. If you’re remote working even a few days a week, having a designated place to work at home is a good idea.

Follow these easy tips to design the ideal home work space that would make you more productive and efficient.

Decide where your home office will be

Home offices should preferably be a room in your house that is well-equipped for work. A single room with a desk, computer equipment and a door that can be closed to separate business life from family life is ideal. After determining the best location in your house for your work space, consider the sort of job you will do before purchasing any equipment, as well as the type of setting that best serves you.

Think about the resources and storage space required to do your tasks efficiently – once you’ve converted a space to a dedicated office, it could be difficult to reconfigure once you’re settled in.

Have adequate and proper lighting

To avoid eyestrain, make sure your desk has adequate illumination. Arranging your office in a natural light-filled area, such as a bright position close to a window, might make you feel more productive and energetic.

If your eyes feel fatigued after when working in your new environment, it’s a clue that you need to add extra illumination. You can add another light source or reposition the lights you have. Overhead illumination, such as a ceiling lamp or a large desk lamp, is typically preferable. Try a desk lamp with temperature and brightness settings to give you an setup that allows you to work optimally without straining your eyes.

Stay ergonomic

Getting comfy and ergonomic home office furniture is not a luxury. Because you’ll be spending a significant amount of time in that space, well-designed pieces that support you as you work are critical for your health.

A chair and a table or desk that helps to work on your computer without leaning forward is the most critical element in your work environment. Look for chairs that have multiple points of articulation to support you where you need it most. Not everyone’s the same shape! Some office furniture companies will do a sizing (remotely!) to recommend the product that will fit you best.

Have a good internet connection

As a remote worker, you must keep communication flowing with your officemates. The most important device in every workspace would be a wireless modem or router that delivers a fast internet service. A solid internet connection keep you updated and linked to your colleagues. If you plan on making a lot of video calls, make a test call in your new workplace to see how it well it works. If you’ve been using your home internet only for light streaming and browsing, you might need to upgrade to a heftier plan.

Also, ensure your work office is close to a plug socket, or go for a multi-plug extension cable so you can connect all your devices at the same time. It’s a pain to crawl around under your desk to adjust your set up – you might want to consider zip-tying your power bar to a desk leg or similar.

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Be organized & focus on your basic daily needs

Everyone has a different ideal workstation. Before you begin planning your workplace, remember that your requirements may vary depending on the sort of job you conduct.

A hot tip for your home office is to keep it clear of clutter. Reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in your surroundings helps you focus on the task at hand. Move everyday objects like notepads, stickies, pens, and so on to their own container, nearby shelves, or a rolling cabinet.

Add your special touch and design to your space

Adding some personalized flair to your workspace will make it more enjoyable to spend time in. Make your space as comfy as possible, based on your own style. You can bring in items from another room or a cherished piece of art or a favourite houseplant. Always have personal objects that encourage and excite you around you.

Once all of this is set, your home office will no longer seem like a place you go to just to stare at your laptop all day, but rather a location you look forward to entering.

Prioritize your comfort

But it’s not only about where you work, it’s also about how you work. It’s one thing to be in a comfortable environment and another to be actually comfortable. It doesn’t really matter if you’re dressed up for work or in your jammies, as long as the space supports you in a way best suited to you. Making your office a place you actually enjoy being in will greatly enhance your productivity.

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