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How To Look Your Best in Meetings

In a world of virtual meetings, your only opportunity to make an impression is through the screen.

Working remotely, we no longer need to spend time fussing over what we’re wearing or how to get to a specific meeting room – we just need to flip open our laptops.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to look our best in meetings. In fact, it’s more important than it’s ever been before.

In a world of virtual meetings, your only opportunity to make an impression is through the screen. Your video quality and appearance should be a priority, not an afterthought!

Ready to up your video game? Here are some of our top tips for how to look your best in meetings.

Why does video quality matter for meetings?

In addition to sounding your best, video quality is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to virtual meetings.

You spend a lot of hours in meetings staring at other people’s faces through a screen and others are doing the same to you. But let’s be real – no one wants to stare at a blurry and pixelated version of your face all day.

Having crisp and clear, and well-framed video can help you look more professional and put together. Higher resolution cameras also pick up better details, so your team can see all of the facial expressions and subtle details that they would typically get in person!

Choosing a camera for your next virtual meeting

The built-in webcams that come with your computer do the trick for occasional video calls. But they just aren’t sufficient for leaders who find themselves constantly in meetings, and honestly, those unflattering angles and blurry images aren’t doing anyone any favors.

When looking to give your video setup an upgrade, here are some things you should consider to help you look your best.

Camera type
First, you’ll want to choose the type of camera that you’re looking to upgrade to. For most individuals, a high-quality dedicated webcam will do the trick. For most webcams, getting high-quality video is as simple as plugging in a USB cable and maybe installing a piece of software.

If you’re looking for seriously stellar video, you may want to opt for a separate camera altogether, for instance: using a DSLR as a webcam. Just keep in mind that these cameras may need a bit more love and set up before they’re ready for your next All-Hands.

Video resolution
720, 1080, 4K – these numbers can feel like tech jargon but they just tell you the resolution of your camera. While there is some nuance to video resolution, typically the higher number the better.

Most default webcams have 720p resolution, so you’ll notice a difference if you choose anything higher than that!

Camera mount type
Most cameras designed for computers and video calls mount directly onto your laptop. However, there are some options that require a separate standalone surface, or a tripod.

Short on space? We recommend choosing a small-footprint webcam that sits right on top of your computer!

Choosing a background
While not specifically camera-related, your background can significantly impact the look of your video. You want your audience to focus on you, not what’s going on around you.

Not all of us enjoy the luxury of a pristine show-ready background. Totally understandable – we aren’t running Hollywood movies from our bedrooms! But let’s just say if you’re upping the resolution on your camera, you can probably do better than that pile of unfolded laundry on a chair behind you.

Some things to consider when framing your glamor shot: are you centered? Are you well-lit? You might want to consider some key lights for your desk as well as an upgraded camera.

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Our top picks for high-quality meeting video

The good news? There are so many great webcams and cameras for you to choose from. The less good news? There might just be too many webcams and cameras for you to choose from.

Improving your video quality is a big deal so you should feel confident in your choice. Before you go out and splurge on your new webcam, we’ve rounded up some of our top choices for high-quality movie video.

Budget-friendly meeting cameras
Looking for an upgrade that doesn’t hurt your wallet? Here are some of our top picks for webcams on a budget.

  • NexiGo Web Camera – At less than $50, this webcam is small but mighty. At 1080p, you’ll enjoy a significant upgrade from most 720p built-in webcams for the price of a few coffees.
  • Logitech HD Webcam C310 HD – Perfect for low-light settings, this very affordable wide-angle camera is guaranteed to up your video game.

Plug-and-play meeting cameras
Virtual meetings are challenging enough for the less tech-inclined. Instead of adding another piece to the puzzle, choose a quality camera that is ready to go out of the box. Here are some of our top picks for easy-to-use cameras.

  • Razer Kiyo Webcam – You’ll look like a pro streamer with this webcam featuring a built-in ring light. The best part? This two-in-one camera comes in just under $100.
  • Logitech C920S – This powerhouse of a camera works with every meeting platform under the sun (including Venue!). Easy-to-use, you’ll be shining on a meeting in no time.

Hi-resolution meeting cameras to splurge on
In meetings all day? You might as well look like a million bucks on every call. While these cameras require a bit of an investment, we can promise you’ll always look your best.

  • Logitech Brio 4K Webcam – This little webcam does it all. With 4K HD video, a noisecancelling mic, and auto light correction, you can’t go wrong!
  • AnkerWork B600 Video Bar – The perfect upgrade to your WFH setup. The built-in light and microphone make this the ultimate splurge for your next meeting.

Next stop, Hollywood
If you really want to take things to the next level, consider getting a DSLR camera to double as a webcam. Because these cameras are designed to be cameras first and webcams second, you benefit from a ton of advanced image-quality boosters – like delightful depth of field and the ability to use different kinds of lenses.

  • Sony a5100 – An easy to use mirrorless pro-level camera
  • Canon EOS 70d – A big splurge that’s worth it for folks who are on cam all day, every day. (DLSRs in this range can often be purchased used, as well!)

Note: using a DLSR will often mean you’ll also need an HDMI capture device, like the Elgato Camlink. Keep this in mind when you’re budgeting for your home office setup.

Make high-quality video a priority

Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere any time soon. From quality audio to upgrading your video set up, the little things matter!

While it might feel a bit indulgent to invest in technology to support your remote workspace, we promise that it will pay off. Having a solid A/V setup will help set you and your team apart in all future meetings to come.

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